Bodysuit Ideas – How To Style A Bodysuit

Bodysuits have taken the fashion world by storm, emerging as one of the hottest trends of the moment. Whether you’re browsing through online stores or strolling through your local mall, you’re bound to encounter a diverse and extensive array of bodysuits adorning the shelves. In recent seasons, bodysuits have claimed the top spot in casual fashion for several compelling reasons. Notably, it all began when style icons like Kim and Khloe Kardashian first flaunted them. However, the appeal of bodysuits extends far beyond their Kardashian endorsement. They are not only incredibly chic but also exceptionally convenient, making them a must-have wardrobe staple. Moreover, these one-pieces are renowned for their universal flattering qualities, enhancing the appearance of every body type. If you’re seeking fresh inspiration for your wardrobe, keep reading for some fantastic bodysuit ideas.

Fastening the crotch snaps on your new bodysuit for the first time may initially feel a tad unusual. Despite their undeniable trendiness, bodysuits, with their striking resemblance to stylish ballet leotards and adorable baby onesies, can take some getting used to. However, it’s important not to allow this initial sense of peculiarity to deter you from embracing this enjoyable and fashionable trend.

Styling Ideas for Bodysuits:

Pairing Bodysuits with Skirts

Rocking Bodysuits with Shorts

Chic Bodysuit and Jeans Combinations

Elevate Your Look with Bodysuits and Pants

Pairing Bodysuits with Skirts

For a well-coordinated bodysuit ensemble, opt for a matching skirt to complement your bodysuit. This look is versatile, suitable for all seasons, and offers effortless adaptability with the choice of shoes and accessories. It’s essential to note that this style doesn’t limit you to cotton or just black options. You can explore a contemporary twist by pairing a leather bodysuit with a matching leather skirt for a fashion-forward variation.

Rocking Bodysuits with Shorts

The combination of bodysuits with shorts offers a wide range of outfit possibilities, from a charming brunch ensemble to a casual denim shorts look. The one-piece design doesn’t overshadow the shorts, resulting in a well-balanced and proportionate appearance. Experiment with a bodysuit featuring a swirling print paired with chic faux leather shorts for a stylish and groovy pattern, or opt for a relaxed vibe by matching high-rise denim shorts with a low-back bodysuit.

Chic Bodysuit and Jeans Combinations

Denim jeans have found their perfect fashion companion. No need to fret, as bodysuits and jeans make an ideal fashion duo, no matter the jeans’ silhouette. Bodysuits effortlessly achieve that polished tucked-in appearance, making them a perfect match for any high-rise style. If you’re leaning towards minimalism, consider teaming a basic scoop neck bodysuit with high-waisted mom jeans. For a bolder style, go maximalist with a cutout bodysuit and wide-leg jeans.

Elevate Your Look with Bodysuits and Pants

Whether you’re preparing an attire for a day at the office or a stylish outfit for an evening out (or even a combination of both), incorporating a bodysuit with your dressy pants or leggings adds an extra touch of sophistication to your everyday look. Experiment with a bodysuit paired with a blouse and paper bag high-waist pants for a chic office ensemble. Or, for a more daring style, consider sleek faux leather leggings accompanied by a trendy oversized boyfriend blazer.

When it comes to weekend outfits, contemplate a sleek bodysuit matched with cargo pants to strike a balance between the utilitarian vibe and a dash of sultry allure.

Other Bodysuit Ideas and Inspirations

Suitable for Every Event

Don’t limit bodysuits to just your casual wardrobe. You can wear them for any occasion by pairing them with the right pieces. For everyday activities, combine a solid bodysuit with high-waisted distressed cutoffs. When dining with friends, opt for a lace-up bodysuit, high-waisted skirt, and wedges for a dressed-up, feminine style. For a night out, go for a bodysuit, a leather jacket, and booties for a flirty city chic look. And if you want to refresh your office attire, dress up with a bodysuit, high-waisted slacks, pumps, and a loose blazer to maintain professionalism while staying trendy.

Think About Lines

Many modern women have opted for thong-cut panties as they struggle to find stylish and flattering bottoms that don’t reveal visible panty lines. When choosing a bodysuit, it’s essential to consider the issue of panty lines.

Certain bodysuits have a bikini cut that can be noticeable under snug-fitting bottoms, similar to regular bikini underwear. In fact, bodysuit lines can sometimes be more conspicuous than panty lines due to the thicker fabric used in their construction. For those accustomed to wearing no-show underwear, bodysuit-induced panty lines can be surprising. However, there’s no need to completely forgo bodysuits. Simply invest in a collection that includes either a thong or boyshorts cut, ensuring they remain inconspicuous even under the tightest clothing.

Embrace Bold Choices

Explore Bold Bodysuit Styles, from daring see-through mesh designs to low or lace-up necklines. If you prefer a more modest approach, opt for pieces with lively patterns or intricate embroidery. Your bodysuit can serve not just as a foundational piece, but also as the standout feature of your ensemble.


What to Avoid When Styling a Bodysuit

I’m not here to dictate your style choices, but let’s consider some suggestions for putting together your bodysuit outfits. Unless you’re heading to the gym, it’s generally a good idea to steer clear of pairing a bodysuit with leggings unless you’re comfortable with a potentially awkward fit issue. Yes, I said it, but it’s worth mentioning.

Solving the Bodysuit Bathroom Dilemma

One common concern with bodysuit ensembles is the hassle of unbuttoning for bathroom breaks. However, you don’t always need to unbutton the whole thing. Simply lower the sleeves, slide it down, and then pull it back up when you’re done, avoiding the need to unsnap it entirely.

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