Easy Steps to Shut Off Your Gas Supply Valves

Do you know where the gas shutoff valves are in your house? It might be the only tool that can make your life or one’s life more jeopardized in the event of the emergency. 

When did you last replace the hoses on your appliances? Is there any theme that interests you as a replacement of all pipes. This is the easiest way to replace all of the pipes.

Every house has gas shut-off valves, and here is a description of their work and on what occasions it is important to close the gas line.

Where Can I Find My Gas Shutoff Valve?

According to Family Handyman, most homes have two gas shutoff valves: one near the street and one closer to the house.It’s a workable solution to find and mark these valves just right after settling in the house so you can spot them during emergencies without extra time spent in going and back.

The street-side valve is usually next to the gas meter and needs a wrench to turn it off. Normally, only gas company workers or professionals should handle it, but in emergencies, you might have to use it if you can’t find the house-side valve.

The valve on the house side is usually located on the gas line between the meter and the first gas appliance in your home. These valves are often ball valves. In homes with high-pressure gas systems, the main shutoff valve may be near the furnace or water heater, more common in newer homes. Turning off the house-side or main shutoff valve will stop gas to the entire house.

Each gas appliance has its own shutoff valve on the supply line, usually a ball valve, near the appliance.

When Should I Shut Off My Gas?

If you suspect a gas leak in your house, e.g., gas smell and/or listening for whistling noises in the supply line, please, turn off the main gas supply valve right away.During this time, leave your apartment and wait for maintenance personnel to take over.When you are troubleshooting a gas appliance, the first step is turning off the gas at the appliance shutoff valve. This keeps you and technicians safe while working, without disrupting gas to your whole house.

How to Turn Off Your Gas

To shut off a house-side valve, turn the lever on a ball valve a quarter turn until it’s perpendicular to the pipeline. For a street-side valve in an emergency, use a 12-inch wrench to rotate the handle perpendicular to the pipe.

Checking Your Gas Supply

To confirm if the gas supply is off, check the position of the lever on the shutoff valve: perpendicular means off, parallel means on. If unsure, listen for gas hissing or check if pilot lights on appliances are lit.

Safety Reminder

Never turn the gas supply back on yourself after shutting it off in an emergency. Contact your gas company or a certified engineer to inspect your system for faults or leaks and confirm it’s safe to restore gas service.

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