How to talk to short people

What if I start this with my friend’s true experience who is 6 feet. He shared with his hilarious experience that how he feels while talking to short person. He literally said that he feels like talking to a toddler to whom he must take care of LOL.

There are many short people memes people enjoy and love to share with their friends and family. Some of them is this which does get viral. One is how to talk to short people and another is when short person gets angry. 


Short Person’s Thoughts about their height

Although short people are cute in my thoughts but there are many people who see this as a problem when their friends and family call them cute. Let me show you one of the thoughts of person and what he thinks when the people of his surrounding calls him cute short person.

Here is LUCKY DEL, from Delhi. He said on Quora that his friends and family call him cute because of his height and this makes him angry. He even asked for the suggestion. “What should I say to them without being rude.” Here people gave him multiple suggestion which were nice and thoughtful maybe this helps you to cop up with same issue as Lucky Del

 First Suggestion

“5” Short Person??? Really a Short person??? Isn’t it an average height bro?

This seems like a nice answer in a friendly tone.

Second Suggestion

This was a sweet suggestion which I personally really liked and it was, “Don’t make friends to those who liked you on the basis of your height and looks. An even better option is to run LOL. Feel proud of yourself and your height. People should love you the way you are.

What You Need to Remember While Talking to Short Person

  • Before communicating that person, I am again repeating Before communicating that short person you first need to think a respectful thought about that person, because when “what you think, you speak.” You should not judge the that short person in first glance or even if you id that you don’t need to perceive any funny image of that person.
  • Always use open welcoming gestures to that short person. You should maintain the eye contact and should not make other person uncomfortable.
  • Avoid the tone or language which puts him in inferiority complex. Always be respectful with your words.
  • Avoid physical body language as many people don’t like this and it is unethical so try to be sober and if the other person is your close friend so you need to think for him too.
  • You should avoid jokes and comments which are height related this may heart that short person. Always remember this that words have this power to destry the mountains. So be mindful while talking to any short person.

Wrap Up

A short person, tall person, fair or dark person or the person with any disability knows wht problem he have or what extra features he have you or I or any one don’t need to tell him how he looks or how he should be. Everyone have a unique personality so treat everyone respectfully to be treated respectfully. At the end I would say life is too short don’t hurt someone through your words especially any short person.

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