Alasdhair Willis – Everything You Need to Know

Alasdhair Willis, the Creative Director at Hunter, has successfully revamped the image of the 160-year-old brand—a task that is far from simple. Over his three-year tenure, Willis has achieved this through innovative fashion showcases, the establishment of flagship stores, strategic digital content, and the development of product lines tailored to appeal to fashion-forward consumers.

When Stella Met Alasdhair: A Tale of Fashion Romance

She is the talented rock royalty known for her highly successful self-named label, while he is a key member of the founding team of the innovative furniture gallery Established & Sons and serves as the creative director of Hunter. Together, they form one of the most influential duos in London’s creative realm.

“We are happy. She’s my best friend, We appreciate each other’s presence, and we respect each other,” Willis said. “I love hanging out with her.”

The next time you find yourself summoned to a business meeting, don’t groan—there’s a chance you might encounter the love of your life, just as Stella McCartney and her now-husband Alasdhair Willis did. Their paths crossed when Willis was brought in to provide consultation for McCartney’s business following her departure from Chloé.

“It was love at first sight across a breakfast table,” Willis reminisced. “We had a breakfast meeting at Brown’s, and we’ve been inseparable ever since. I called her that afternoon. I didn’t know if I would get a response; it was a leap of faith. It could have gone wrong. Luckily, she said yes, and the rest is history. We are happy. We respect each other, we enjoy each other’s company, and she’s my best friend. I love hanging out with her.”

Now serving as the creative director at Hunter, Willis played a pivotal role in the company’s recent decision to debut at London Fashion Week later this month. It’s certain that his wife will reciprocate the numerous times he has attended her runway shows by being present at his inaugural London Fashion Week event.

“He told The Times, “I would be disappointed if she didn’t show up for my first show because I have never missed one of hers.” “But she will be there.”

Get to know the man behind Hunter Wellies!

Turning Hunter wellies into a cultural sensation might sound like quite the achievement, but Alasdhair Willis managed to do just that while raising four children with his wife, Stella McCartney. Laura Craik sat down with him to learn more about this modern-day role model.

Alasdhair Willis is the epitome of neatness, sporting a crisp white sweatshirt and effortlessly stylish gray hair. He’s not just successful in his professional life—married to fashion designer Stella McCartney and holding the position of creative director at Hunter, famous for its iconic wellies—but he’s also genuinely nice. A typical dad of four, he hails from Middlesbrough, dividing his time between Notting Hill and Worcestershire. He even gets up at 4:45 am three days a week to take one of his daughters swimming.

With a confident air of an experienced parent, Willis talks about his family life with ease. His and McCartney’s four children range from 8 to 14 years old, each with their unique interests and demands. Finding a balance between work and family isn’t easy, he admits. Supporting their various activities—swimming, football, rugby, gymnastics—keeps him on his toes. Willis emphasizes the importance of communication in managing family life, even if it means tackling tough topics like bullying and social media.

In particular, Willis recognizes the need for emotional support for boys, noting the challenges they face in expressing their feelings. While he acknowledges the evolving concept of masculinity, he believes this generation of men is navigating uncharted territory, defining their roles in society and within their families.

As the creative director of Hunter since 2013, Willis has steered the brand towards unprecedented success. Despite global economic uncertainty, Hunter’s sales have soared, reaching record highs in 2018. Willis attributes this success to the brand’s strong emotional connection with its customers.

While Hunter’s association with events like Glastonbury has boosted its profile, the brand’s commitment to sustainability is equally noteworthy. Willis and McCartney’s shared dedication to environmental causes has led to innovative initiatives, such as a sustainable boot featuring plant-derived materials. By leveraging their partnership, they aim to inspire positive change across Hunter’s entire supply chain.

Looking ahead, Willis believes in the power of today’s socially conscious generation to drive meaningful change. He acknowledges the challenges facing children, particularly regarding environmental issues, but remains hopeful that collective action can secure a better future.

In the end, Willis reminds us that while the road ahead may be daunting, it’s essential to stay informed, engaged, and committed to making a difference.

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