IOI All Members: Where Are They Now?

Find out what the girl ioi all members have been up to five years after they started!

Certainly! Here’s the detailed version:


After IOI ended, Nayoung joined a group called PRISTIN with Pledis Entertainment. Sadly, PRISTIN also ended in May 2019. Now Nayoung focuses on acting and signed with Sublime Artist Agency.

Chung Ha

Chung Ha has been very successful on her own since leaving IOI. She released seven albums and won many awards. She also works with brands like Reebok and Clinique.


Sejeong debuted with the girl group gugudan post-IOI. She continued to promote with gugudan until their disbandment in December 2020. Sejeong ventured into solo music with the release of her first mini-album in 2020, followed by another release titled “I’m” in March of the subsequent year. In addition to her music endeavors, Sejeong ventured into acting, earning recognition for her performance in the drama “The Uncanny Counter”.


After ioi all members disbandment, Chaeyeon returned to her group DIA. DIA released their final album “Flower 4 Seasons” in June 2020. In addition to her music career, Chaeyeon pursued acting opportunities, appearing in various dramas and the movie “Live Again, Love Again”. She also engaged in endorsements for brands like New Balance and Lotte Hi-Mart.


Kyulkyung joined Nayoung in PRISTIN after ioi all members disbanded. Following PRISTIN’s activities, she ventured into a solo career and acting in her home country, China, under her birth name Jieqiong. However, legal disputes over her contracts in both Korea and China arose, which remain unresolved to date.


Sohye started acting after ioi all members disband. She got awards for her acting. She won the Best New Entertainer grant at the 21st Busan Film Critics Awards and furthermore succeeded at the 40th Brilliant Film Celebration for her part in the movie Moonlit Winter


After IOI’s disbandment, Yeonjung joined the girl group WJSN in July 2016. WJSN released several albums, including their most recent mini-album “Unnatural” released at the end of March.


Yoojung debuted with the group Weki Meki in June 2017. Weki Meki released their fourth mini-album last year. Yoojung expanded her career into acting, securing main roles in various dramas, including “Single & Ready to Mingle” and “Idol Fever”.


Like Sejeong, Mina joined the girl group gugudan after IOI’s disbandment. Remaining under Jellyfish Entertainment, Mina pursued acting and recently appeared in the drama “Summer Guys”.


Joining Weki Meki alongside Yoojung post-IOI, Doyeon ventured into acting and secured endorsements with brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Maybelline.


After the conclusion of IOI’s contract, Somi embarked on a solo career under The Black Label. She released two digital singles and received awards such as the Best Female Solo award at the Mubeat Awards. Additionally, Somi gained recognition for her extensive work as an endorser for various brands.

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