What Color Goes with Olive Green

What color goes with olive green? Olive or military green appears to be a prominent trend for the upcoming season. I’ve recently acquired both a casual jacket and a pair of cotton pants (not cargo style) in this color. Could you kindly advise me on how to wear them tastefully, suggesting suitable color combinations that won’t give off a grungy vibe? As a person over 50 with blonde hair, green eyes, and warm, muted coloring, I would greatly appreciate your suggestions. Thank you, Imogen.

What Color Goes with Olive Green

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Olive is an excellent neutral color choice for individuals with warm undertones. You can find brighter or more subdued variations, as well as lighter and darker shades.

Given its warm undertone, olive serves as an ideal neutral base that complements a wide range of other colors. For instance, it pairs beautifully with warm blues, orange, coral pink, red-violet, and camel, just to mention a few.

If you have blonde and muted coloring, consider combining olive with soft, smoky warm colors in lighter tones. On the other hand, if you’re a brunette, you can mix olives with darker shades, adding a touch more intensity.

Every warm colour palette in the Absolute Colour System contains a variation of olive, making it a great warm neutral. There are lighter and darker variations, as well as brighter and more smoky tones available.

Consider the color wheel and your own color contrast when pairing olive with other colors. Not sure about your color contrast? You can find out yours by discovering it here.

If your color contrast is monochromatic, opt for combining lighter and darker shades of olive together.

If you have an analogous color contrast, try wearing olive with warm blues or warm yellows.

For those with a triadic color contrast, it looks spectacular when paired with warm red violets or orange.

If your color contrast is complementary, experiment with combining olive with burgundy or coral pink. Be cautious with red, as it can give off a Christmas vibe if not used carefully.

Olive is an excellent neutral choice if you have some color contrast, as it adds a colored element to your outfit. You can then introduce your other colors in a different garment and an accessory (keep in mind that not every color added needs to be in a garment).

Now, I’m curious, what is your favorite color combination with olive?

Navy Blue and Olive Green Outfit Ideas

Together with gray, navy blue complements olive green and effortlessly creates a wonderfully natural look, making it an excellent choice for office attire. Moreover, the combination of navy blue and olive green adds a refreshing and appealing touch to interior design schemes.

Navy Blue
Navy Blue

Burgundy and Olive Green Outfits Ideas

To achieve a more dynamic contrast, consider pairing olive green with vibrant colors such as red, burgundy, cherry, and coral. This combination will infuse the room with zest and energy, creating an invigorating and lively space.


Is Olive Green a Neutral Color?

Olive green is a fantastic neutral color to incorporate into your palette, it is important to note that olive possesses warm undertones. As a result, it harmonizes beautifully with other warm colors, creating a cohesive and inviting color scheme.

Looking to Discover Your Ideal Neutrals?

There are a few methods to find your best neutrals. The simplest approach is to consider your hair color (if it falls into the neutral category) or eye color (if it’s a neutral hue). You can read this post on selecting the perfect neutral basics for your wardrobe to learn more.

If you’re uncertain about your undertone and would like a professional opinion on your coloring, a personal color analysis is available as part of my 7 Steps to Style program. This analysis will not only help determine if olive is a suitable choice for you or not, but it will also identify your color and value contrast, enabling you to create harmonious and flattering outfits tailored to you.

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